[PATCH] D18065: Fix bugs in the MemorySSA walker

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Mon Mar 14 12:51:02 PDT 2016

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> It's clear the testcase gives the wrong answer. Can you describe more of "why"?

In that particular case, because we don't do anything useful with `FirstDef` after the phi loop :)

I guess I tried to cram too many "fixes" into one patch, and was unclear about that -- sorry.

As it stood, the patch fixed the above code sample, and made us more accurate in cases like:

  define void @f(i8* noalias %p1, i8* noalias %p2) {
    ; 1 = MemoryDef(liveOnEntry)
    store i8 0, i8* %p1
    ; MemoryUse(1)
    load i8, i8* %p1
    br i1 undef, label %a, label %b
    ; 2 = MemoryDef(1)
    store i8 0, i8* %p2
    br i1 undef, label %c, label %d
    ; 3 = MemoryDef(1)
    store i8 1, i8* %p2
    br i1 undef, label %c, label %d
    ; 6 = MemoryPhi({a,2},{b,3})
    ; 4 = MemoryDef(6)
    store i8 2, i8* %p2
    br label %e
    ; 7 = MemoryPhi({a,2},{b,3})
    ; 5 = MemoryDef(7)
    store i8 3, i8* %p2
    br label %e
    ; 8 = MemoryPhi({c,4},{d,5})
    ; MemoryUse(8) << Should be MemoryUse(1)
    load i8, i8* %p1
    ret void

...And any optimizable case where we have a non-cyclic phi structure that visits the same phi twice (the `VisitedOnlyOne` check gets triggered).

Though, I think there's a better way to handle that *and* cyclic phis that lets us leave the walking loop mostly untouched. So, I backed out the enhancements + make this review strictly for correctness fixes. I'll work on something to give us better accuracy and send it out separately.

If you'd like more examples, I left the tests I think we can do better on in the patch (with: `; FIXME:`s in them). I'll pull them out prior to committing this, and move them to the enhancements patch.



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