[PATCH] D16998: [AMDGPU] llvm-objdump: disassembling amdgcn object file

Valery Pykhtin via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Mar 14 12:15:07 PDT 2016

vpykhtin retitled this revision from "[AMDGPU] llvm-objdump: disassembling .hsatext section of HSA Code Object v1.0" to "[AMDGPU] llvm-objdump: disassembling amdgcn object file".
vpykhtin updated the summary for this revision.
vpykhtin updated this revision to Diff 50625.
vpykhtin added a comment.

Made minimal possible change.


- accepts object file produced by current AMDGPU assembler (no older formats support)
- only ISA dumping (no directives (notes), amd_kernel_code_t etc.)
- mcpu should be explicitly specified upon llvm-objdump run (no autodetection)

Added test using llvm-mc | llvm-objdump check.



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