[PATCH] D17609: [lit] Enqueue tests on a separate thread to not hit limits on parallel queues

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Thu Feb 25 07:47:22 PST 2016

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The current implementation just hangs if tests exceed 2^^15, at least
on Mac OS X. This might happen with a ninja check-all if one has a bunch of
llvm projects (especially sanitizers + iOS support)



Index: utils/lit/lit/run.py
--- utils/lit/lit/run.py
+++ utils/lit/lit/run.py
@@ -44,11 +44,13 @@
     value = property(_get_value, _set_value)
 class TestProvider(object):
-    def __init__(self, tests, num_jobs, queue_impl, canceled_flag):
+    def __init__(self, queue_impl, canceled_flag):
         self.canceled_flag = canceled_flag
         # Create a shared queue to provide the test indices.
         self.queue = queue_impl()
+    def queue_tests(self, tests, num_jobs):
         for i in range(len(tests)):
         for i in range(num_jobs):
@@ -229,7 +231,12 @@
             consumer = ThreadResultsConsumer(display)
         # Create the test provider.
-        provider = TestProvider(self.tests, jobs, queue_impl, canceled_flag)
+        provider = TestProvider(queue_impl, canceled_flag)
+        # Queue the tests outside the main thread so we can start running them
+        # and keep updating the console
+        queuer = task_impl(target=provider.queue_tests, args=(self.tests, jobs))
+        queuer.start()
         # Install a console-control signal handler on Windows.
         if win32api is not None:
@@ -252,6 +259,8 @@
             # Otherwise, execute the tests in parallel
             self._execute_tests_in_parallel(task_impl, provider, consumer, jobs)
+        queuer.join()
         # Cancel the timeout handler.
         if max_time is not None:

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