[llvm] r261706 - [doc] Obtaining help on LLVM's CUDA support.

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Date: Tue Feb 23 17:34:49 2016
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[doc] Obtaining help on LLVM's CUDA support.


Modified: llvm/trunk/docs/CompileCudaWithLLVM.rst
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+++ llvm/trunk/docs/CompileCudaWithLLVM.rst Tue Feb 23 17:34:49 2016
@@ -171,3 +171,9 @@ customizable target-independent optimiza
   32-bit ones on NVIDIA GPUs due to lack of a divide unit. Many of the 64-bit
   divides in our benchmarks have a divisor and dividend which fit in 32-bits at
   runtime. This optimization provides a fast path for this common case.
+Obtaining Help
+To obtain help on LLVM in general and its CUDA support, see `the LLVM
+community <http://llvm.org/docs/#mailing-lists>`_.

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