[PATCH] D17433: [ARM] fix initialization of PredictableSelectIsExpensive

Junmo Park via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Feb 22 17:28:51 PST 2016

flyingforyou added a comment.

Hi renato.

> But I don't know how to measure the performance with test-suite.

>  If you know how to run the test-suite (http://llvm.org/docs/lnt/quickstart.html), you can just add the following options to lnt:


> --threads=1 --build-threads=$CPUS --use-perf --benchmarking-only --multisample=8

>  Threads = 1 allows the benchmarking to be less noisy, built-threads should be on as much as the number of CPUs, use-perf if you have perf installed (linux-tools), the results are much more accurate, "benchmarking-only" is the key option here, which only runs the tests that are marked as benchmarks and multisample will run the same benchmarks N times (for ARM, you should run at least 3, but 5 is a good number, and 8 a better one).

Oh.. What I wanted to say is that I don't know how to run test-suite on Apple devices. I have iPhone6S, 6, 5, mac mini. But I don't know how to run benchmarks/test-suite on these devices. 
Anyway, I really appreciate your detailed comments. Thanks. :)

> You run the benchmarks on A53/57. Feel free to run EEMBC or SPEC, if you have access, too.

Cortex-a53/57 didn't set schedule model. So, they don't have to be tested. Because the default setting for `PredictableSelectIsExpensive` is false.
If I misunderstand about this, please let me know.



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