[PATCH] D17503: [MSAN] Mark dlerror.cc expected failure for MIPS

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Mon Feb 22 04:52:48 PST 2016

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In mips64, we are facing same issue that of AArch64

It is giving error in external library, but as per I understand 
MSan won't instrument glibc and other external libraries.
Could someone throw some light on it?




Index: test/msan/dlerror.cc
--- test/msan/dlerror.cc
+++ test/msan/dlerror.cc
@@ -1,8 +1,9 @@
 // RUN: %clangxx_msan -O0 %s -o %t && %run %t
-// AArch64 shows fails with uninitialized bytes in __interceptor_strcmp from
+// AArch64, MIPS64 shows fails with uninitialized bytes in __interceptor_strcmp from
 // dlfcn/dlerror.c:107 (glibc).
 // XFAIL: aarch64
+// XFAIL: mips64
 #include <assert.h>
 #include <dlfcn.h>

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