[PATCH] D13363: [DeadStoreElimination] Add support for non-local DSE

Mitch Bodart via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Feb 4 13:45:16 PST 2016

mbodart added a comment.

Hi Ivan,

I do plan to follow up with this, but unfortunately am seeing some rather large performance regressions
due to second order effects.  Several benchmarks in the EEMBC 1.1 automotive suite drop 10 to 20%.

I'm playing around with some heuristics in CGP's isFormingBranchFromSelectProfitable
to help mitigate these, and would like to have a feasible solution at hand before landing nonlocal DSE.

As to your specific questions, yes to the "Visited" technique, though I did restructure the checks a bit,
and used a SmallSet instead of SmallPtrSet.  I do plan to replace the dominator check, not add an additional one.

> That's fine. We actually need a SmallSetVector with reverse insertion order iteration characteristics.

For SafeBlocks we don't need a specific ordering, as it's only used for membership queries.
As for the worklist (Blocks) I think the implementation would work fine if this was unordered,
though I left its type unchanged (SmallVector).

Yes, I added a test for the irreducibility issue.

And I didn't intend to add another compile time throttle at this time.
That can be easily added should an issue arise.


- mitch



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