[PATCH] D16805: Cast the fifth arg to mremap to void *

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Tue Feb 2 07:44:05 PST 2016

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Since the prototype of mremap is

void *mremap(void *old_address, size_t old_size, size_t new_size,
	     int flags, ... /* void *new_address*/);
we need to cast new_address to void * when calling mremap.  Otherwise,
the wrong value will be passed to mremap on x32.



Index: lib/cfi/cfi.cc
--- lib/cfi/cfi.cc
+++ lib/cfi/cfi.cc
@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@
   if (main_shadow) {
     // Update.
     void *res = mremap((void *)shadow_, GetShadowSize(), GetShadowSize(),
-                       MREMAP_MAYMOVE | MREMAP_FIXED, main_shadow);
+                       MREMAP_MAYMOVE | MREMAP_FIXED, (void *)main_shadow);
     CHECK(res != MAP_FAILED);
   } else {
     // Initial setup.

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