[PATCH] D7864: This patch introduces MemorySSA, a virtual SSA form for memory.Details on what it looks like are in MemorySSA.h

Daniel Berlin via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Feb 1 21:37:57 PST 2016

> I don't have any plans. If we want to port existing passes soon, we'll
> either need an update API, or we'll need to restrict ourselves to passes
> that don't use the update API.

FWIW: For the passes i played with converting,  timing compute memssa + use
it vs memdep, for basically all testcases i could find, the time difference
was in the noise.
For larger cases, memssa is a straight win.
This is because most of the memdep passes are walking a ton of blocks/insts
repeatedly anyway.

> Also, we'll need a wrapper that either queries MemDep or MemorySSA if we
> want to have a global "use MemorySSA?" flag.

I'm not sure such a flag makes sense, given the above.  I'm not sure you
*want* to try to alternate between them, because a lot of your order of
magnitude  speedups will come from doing things fundamentally different
than random querying (IE move to more "SSA-like" algorithms).

(Though i expect using memssa as a straight replacement will still likely
be faster).

If we think making a simple MemorySSA-based DSE pass would be a better
> first step, I'm fine doing that, as well. Same thing goes for readding the
> optimizations that were stripped out today.
If you do the optimizations, i'm happy to start to convert passes. I was
going to just do them in close to the order necessary to preserve memssa
from beginning to end of opts that use it, but happy to do whatever.

(mergedloadstoremotion and memcpyoptimizer are the easiest things to
convert and will give speedups).

Converting most passes requires building an update API, and converting a
few of them and seeing what they want out of updating is the best way i can
think of to design that API.

(You can see where i played with it in the mergedloadstoremotion mpass).

> So long as progress is made, I'm happy. :)
> http://reviews.llvm.org/D7864
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