[PATCH] D16291: AArch64: Implement missed conditional compare sequences.

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Mon Feb 1 09:09:44 PST 2016

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Sorry for the late response. It took me some time to get the full performance data. I did not find any significant gains or regressions with this patch and there were net reductions in the number of static and dynamic instructions. Overall the data seems to be good.

Benchmark	        Diff

-------------------	-----------

spec2006/astar	-0.0314288
spec2006/bzip2	0.00814573
spec2006/dealII	0.0193043
spec2006/gcc	        0.130547
spec2006/gobmk	0.155664
spec2006/h264ref	-0.0788196
spec2006/hmmer	-0.126024
spec2006/lbm	        -0.244571
spec2006/libquantum	0.197392
spec2006/mcf	        -0.65466
spec2006/milc	        -0.170548
spec2006/namd	-0.0334161
spec2006/omnetpp	2.86068
spec2006/perlbench	-0.598455
spec2006/povray	1.73534
spec2006/sjeng	0.184844
spec2006/soplex	0.537032
spec2006/sphinx3	1.83868
spec2006/xalancbmk	-0.774806

CINT2006_GEOMEAN	0.11%
CFP2006_GEOMEAN	0.53%
CPU2006_GEOMEAN	0.27%

Only significant regressions were in xalancbmk(-0.77%) and perlbench(-0.59%) but they seemed transitory as a rerun with the latest tip shows the data is noisy,
spec2006/xalancbmk    0.232571
spec2006/perlbench     0.164644



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