[PATCH] D15706: [Polly] Follow uses to create value MemoryAccesses

Tobias Grosser via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Feb 1 08:35:09 PST 2016

grosser added a comment.


thanks for the fast turnaround.

I understood pretty much what you mean, but am still not 100% about this sentence:

> possible creation of MemoryAccesses that are not required

Are you saying we could possibly create unnecessary memory accesses in trunk. This commit message makes the impression we now do not generate such redundant accesses, but looking at the test cases the number of accesses does not change. Now, I wonder: does this commit potentially change the number of memory accesses generated? In case it does, do we lack test coverage to see this?

Otherwise, there is just one typo that you introduced with the last update.

Comment at: lib/Analysis/ScopInfo.cpp:3922
@@ +3921,3 @@
+  // (jump destinations) also never change.
+  if (isa<ConstantFP>(Value) || isa<ConstantFP>(Value) ||
+      isa<BasicBlock>(Value))
ConstantFP twice?


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