[PATCH] D16727: [Profiling] Write out sparse indexed profiles

Nathan Slingerland via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jan 29 09:19:02 PST 2016

slingn added a comment.

Making sparse the default would change the output of llvm-profdata show since zero count functions would no longer be listed. Is that a concern?

Comment at: include/llvm/ProfileData/InstrProfWriter.h:64
@@ -61,2 +63,3 @@
+  bool checkIfDataUseful(const ProfilingData &PD);
   void writeImpl(ProfOStream &OS);
I'm also not sure about 'Useful' as the name - since zeros are useful - just not necessary to write out.

How about shouldEncodeData()?

Comment at: lib/ProfileData/InstrProfWriter.cpp:153
@@ -152,1 +152,3 @@
+void InstrProfWriter::setOutputSparseness(bool Sparse) {
+  this->Sparse = Sparse;
Since this takes a boolean I would suggest naming it setSparseOutput(bool Sparse)

Comment at: tools/llvm-profdata/llvm-profdata.cpp:231
@@ -230,1 +230,3 @@
+  cl::opt<bool> OutputSparse("sparse", cl::init(true),
+      cl::desc("Generate a sparse profile (not meaningful for -sample)"));
I would invert this to say 'only meaningful for instrumentation profiles'.


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