[PATCH] D16653: [CMake] Support platform building builtins without a full toolchain

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Wed Jan 27 15:22:38 PST 2016

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This patch adds support to building lib/builtins without a fully functioning toolchain. It allows you to bootstrap a cross-compiler, which previously couldn't be done with CMake.

This patch contains the following specific changes:

* Split builtin-specific code out of config-ix.cmake into builtin-config-ix.cmake
* Split some common CMake functionality needed by both builtins and sanitizers into base-config-ix.cmake
* Moved some macros and functions out of config-ix.cmake into more common places
* Added BuiltinTests.cmake which has some custom implementations of compiler testing that don't rely on having a functional liker or sysroot
* Made lib/builtins/CMakeLists.txt able to be a top-level CMake configuration

I realize this patch is quite large, and I can break parts of it apart. I wanted to present it as a monolithic piece so that the other changes make sense.

I have tested this on Darwin targeting embedded Darwin, and on FreeBSD x86_64 targeting FreeBSD AArch64.



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