[PATCH] D16583: [tsan] If the default target is not supported, don't build other targets either.

Alexey Samsonov via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jan 26 09:57:28 PST 2016

samsonov added a comment.

Hm, I'd really like to avoid this crutch, if possible. Do I understand that on MIPS32 platform we are able to build TSan to target MIPS64, but are not able to run tests, or build libcxx
with -fsanitize=thread? If that's the case, I would actually prefer to sink these checks to:
(a) test/tsan/CMakeLists.txt to either instantly return from CMakeLists.txt if default target arch is not in TSAN_SUPPORTED_ARCH, or use a loop to configure test suite for all arches in TSAN_SUPPORTED_ARCH like we do for ASan.
(b) don't call "add_custom_libcxx" from lib/tsan/CMakeLists.txt if default target arch is unsupported.


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