[PATCH] D16212: Fix reading gcov data that does not have function names

Arseny Kapoulkine via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 25 19:08:02 PST 2016

> Thanks for looking at this. This change needs tests - take a look at the
> gcov tests in tests/tools/llvm-cov to see how these are done.

I'd have to add gcda/gcno files generated using recent gcc or clang with
custom command-line settings (not sure if clang allows to set the flags I
need atm).
I'm not sure how to submit binary files using Phabricator - is this
possible without using arc? So far I was using git diff to work with web

> I'm not a big fan of duplicating this condition here - it'd be better to
> handle this near where we already read the CfgChecksum so that it's
> harder to introduce a bug by causing the condition checks to diverge.

Sure, I can reword this in terms of "HeaderWordsRead". I initially had just
one condition but did not like the fact that it updates the min. length as
it reads the header; HeaderWordsRead is a better name that makes it cleaner

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