[PATCH] D16440: [ThinLTO] Link in only necessary DICompileUnit operands

Teresa Johnson via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 25 19:21:12 PST 2016

tejohnson added a comment.

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D16440#334416, @tejohnson wrote:

> In http://reviews.llvm.org/D16440#334379, @joker.eph wrote:
> > So I debugged the assertion I see and the issue seems that we don't import anymore a retained type.
> >
> > `DwarfDebug::beginModule()` calls `TypeIdentifierMap = generateDITypeIdentifierMap(CU_Nodes);` to build (from the retained types list) a map from type name to matching DICompositeType.
> >
> > When emitting a DISubprogram, `getOrCreateSubprogramDIE` will call `resolve(SP->getScope())` which query the map. 
> >  It seems that any scope for a DISubprogram needs to be in the retained types list, is it correct?
> Is it the case that you can reach the SP and composite types from the retained type, but not vice versa? It sounds like it if it is building a map from retained type. In that case my change would not map those in (since the retained type list on the compile unit is no longer mapped, only things we can reach from the imported functions). I'll have to change the patch to build up the same type of map and then map in any retained types that map to something that was mapped in.
> Anyone know offhand if there is anything else hanging off the compile unit that is like this?

I reproduced this issue with a build of xalancbmk from SPEC cpu2006. The issue happens when composite types (on the retained types list) are used as the scope on a DISubprogram, because the association is done by MDString identifier. E.g.:

!78 = !DICompositeType(tag: DW_TAG_class_type, name: "XMLPlatformUtils", scope: !17, file: !16, line: 104, size: 8, align: 8, elements: !79, identifier: "_ZTSN11xercesc_2_516XMLPlatformUtilsE")
!93 = !DISubprogram(name: "Initialize", linkageName: "_ZN11xercesc_2_516XMLPlatformUtils10InitializeEPKcS2_PNS_12PanicHandlerEPNS_13MemoryManagerE", scope: !"_ZTSN11xercesc_2_516XMLPlatformUtilsE", file: !16, line: 204, type: !94, isLocal: false, isDefinition: false, scopeLine: 204, flags: DIFlagPublic | DIFlagPrototyped, isOptimized: true)

Why aren't these correlated by the metadata ID instead? I.e. !93 instead of !"_ZTSN11xercesc_2_516XMLPlatformUtilsE" in the DISubprogram scope? Then no TypeIdentifierMap would be needed.

In any case, I added some handling for this, so that we detect and map in retained types onto the new DICompileUnit if they correspond to a DISubprogram that is being mapped in. However, I just hit another similar issue. In this case, the retained type DICompositeType identifier is the base type of a DIDerivedType needed by a DISubprogram that was mapped in. E.g.:

!3 = !DICompositeType(tag: DW_TAG_enumeration_type, name: "PanicReasons", scope: !"_ZTSN11xercesc_2_512PanicHandlerE", file: !4, line: 116, size: 32, align: 32, elements: !5, identifier: "_ZTSN11xercesc_2_512PanicHandler12PanicReasonsE")
!107 = !DIDerivedType(tag: DW_TAG_const_type, baseType: !"_ZTSN11xercesc_2_512PanicHandler12PanicReasonsE")

where the DIDerivedType is the DISubroutineType for a DISubprogram that was mapped in. I'll need to extend my handling a bit to get this case. Same question here though, why doesn't it just use "baseType: !3"?


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