[polly] r258662 - test: Name instructions in a test case [NFC]

Tobias Grosser via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 25 06:02:56 PST 2016

On 01/25/2016 02:58 PM, Michael Kruse wrote:
> A suggestion: When explicitly choosing a name for a register, could we
> take one that does not end with a number? Numbers are already appended
> by LLVM itself to disambiguate names, so with such names one cannot
> see whether this name was chosen manually or automatically. In case it
> is automatic, we might need to add regex expressions {{[0-9]*}} in
> test cases, but not for manual ones. When LLVM disambiguates it again,
> it adds yet another number, e.g. "tmp30" s.t. one might think on first
> sight that there were 30 registers with name "tmp" before
> disambiguation.
> Single letters (a,b,c) would already do it.

Sounds good. I will keep this in mind.


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