[PATCH] D15564: [ELF] - Optimize .eh_frame section: remove CIE if all FDEs referencing it were removed.

Davide Italiano via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jan 1 11:47:40 PST 2016

davide added a comment.

To be more clear, I think what you posted is a little bit strange. It's at least counter intuitive that doing more work makes linking faster, so I'd rather think that's just noise.
Also, how did you get those numbers? Which OS, preconditions (cache, disk) etc.. ? How many trials did you run? Your comment says twice, do you mean you run each experiment two times, or you run once with patch and once without (in any case I'll suggest to increase the number of trials)? What's variance, average, stddev ?

I'm not necessarily asking you to revert this until we get more detailed analysis, but I'll appreciate if you can gather informations and make them public.
In the history of LLD (the old one) some changes were made "in the name of performance" without really understanding the effects. I'm not exactly looking forward to see this again.




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