[PATCH] Teach CMake build system to run lit's own test suite

Dan Liew via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Dec 29 21:14:54 PST 2015

> Another possibility is to stick them under: `REQUIRES: long_tests` which a
> few but not all of the buildbots will check.

My concern here is not the buildbots. The time to compile and test
LLVM/Clang is considerably larger than
the time to do ``make check-lit`` (approx 17 seconds).

My concern is it becoming an issue when a developer runs ``make
check-all`` locally and needing to do so repetitively.
Right now a developer can manually avoid this by running other targets
(e.g. ``make check-llvm``) so I suggest we
ignore this issue right now.

> LGTM with two nits:

I've addressed these in the attached patch.

Unfortunately we cant go ahead and commit this yet. I've noticed that
some of the tests fail when you run on the copy of the tests in the
build directory.

Failing Tests (2):
    lit :: shell-parsing.py
    lit :: unittest-adaptor.py

I'll investigate and hopefully will have a new patch that fixes this soon.
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