[PATCH] D15775: Add debugger rendezvous DT_DEBUG .dynamic entry

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Thu Dec 24 11:19:24 PST 2015

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The runtime linker may store a pointer to a data structure used by debuggers. This allows gdb and lldb to debug lld-linked binaries.

I can combine it as an else case in the existing `if (Config->EMachine == EM_MIPS)` block if that's preferred.



Index: ELF/OutputSections.cpp
--- ELF/OutputSections.cpp
+++ ELF/OutputSections.cpp
@@ -642,6 +642,9 @@
   if (DtFlags1)
     ++NumEntries; // DT_FLAGS_1
+  if (Config->EMachine != EM_MIPS)
+    ++NumEntries; // DT_DEBUG
   if (Config->EMachine == EM_MIPS) {
     ++NumEntries; // DT_MIPS_RLD_VERSION
     ++NumEntries; // DT_MIPS_FLAGS
@@ -740,6 +743,8 @@
     WriteVal(DT_FLAGS, DtFlags);
   if (DtFlags1)
     WriteVal(DT_FLAGS_1, DtFlags1);
+  if (Config->EMachine != EM_MIPS)
+    WriteVal(DT_DEBUG, 0);
   // See "Dynamic Section" in Chapter 5 in the following document
   // for detailed description:

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