[PATCH] D15696: [ThinLTO] Enable in-place symbol changes for exporting module

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Mon Dec 21 10:27:24 PST 2015

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Move ThinLTO global value processing functions out of ModuleLinker and
into a new ThinLTOGlobalProcessor class, which performs any necessary
linkage and naming changes on the given module in place.

As a result, renameModuleForThinLTO no longer needs to create a new
Module when performing any necessary local to global promotion on a
module that we are possibly exporting from during a ThinLTO backend

During function importing the ThinLTO processing is still invoked from
the ModuleLinker (via the new class), as it needs to perform renaming and
linkage changes on the source module, e.g. in order to get the correct
renaming during local to global promotion.



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