[PATCH] D12711: ScanDirForExecutable on Windows fails to find executables with the "exe" extension in name

Oleg Ranevskyy via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Sep 9 12:42:18 PDT 2015

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In http://reviews.llvm.org/D12711#242494, @rnk wrote:

> Do you need someone to commit this for you?


Comment at: lib/Support/Windows/Path.inc:310-311
@@ +309,4 @@
+  PathExts.push_back(".exe"); // FIXME: This must be in %PATHEXT%.
+  if (const char *PathExtEnv = std::getenv("PATHEXT"))
+    SplitString(PathExtEnv, PathExts, ";");
rnk wrote:
> I think `can_execute` should really be tied to what `llvm::sys::ExecteAndWait` can run. `ExecuteAndWait` uses `CreateProcess`, which ignores PATHEXT, but does check for files ending in `.exe`. So, if possible, I would simplify this whole thing to:
>   return !access(Path, AccessMode::Execute) || !access(Path + ".exe", AccessMode::Execute);
Yes, other extensions are not that common for Windows executables. Anyway, it would be fine for my case.
Does it mean findProgramByName may be simplified in the same way?



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