[PATCH] MIR Serialization: Serialize the machine function's liveins.

Alex L arphaman at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 11:49:36 PDT 2015


This patch serializes the machine function's live ins. They are serialized
using a sequence of YAML inline mappings, e.g:

  - { reg: '%edi', virtual-reg: '%0' }

There's a slight problem with the printing right now, caused by the fact
that the virtual registers in function's liveins aren't cleared when we
clear the virtual register definitions. Thus, after post RA passes, MIR
printer will print out MIR that won't be parsable (it will print out the
virtual register reference but not the definition). I intend to send a
follow up patch that modifies the clear method in MachineRegisterInfo so
that virtual register references in liveins are cleared as well, and it
should come after this one as I would like to test it using the live in
printing functionality that's introduced in this patch.

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