[PATCH] D7203: [asan] Set abort_on_error=1 by default on OS X

Kostya Serebryany kcc at google.com
Thu Jul 23 18:36:54 PDT 2015

kcc added a comment.

Ok, we are converging!

Comment at: test/asan/Unit/lit.site.cfg.in:34
@@ +33,3 @@
+# speed up testing (unit tests don't use it anyway).
+config.environment['ASAN_OPTIONS'] = 'symbolize=false'
I'd much prefer the previous way of doing this (in asan_test_main.cc)
because it gives us the same results when the test is being executed manually. 

Comment at: test/asan/lit.cfg:32
@@ -31,3 +31,3 @@
-# Setup default ASAN_OPTIONS
-config.environment['ASAN_OPTIONS'] = 'symbolize_vs_style=false'
+# Platform-specific default ASAN_OPTIONS for lit tests.
+if config.host_os == 'Darwin':
Please add a comment explaining why we set this in the test (abort is slower)


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