[PATCH] Bitcode: Add bitcode format compatibility test

Vedant Kumar vsk at apple.com
Wed Jul 22 14:02:29 PDT 2015

Successive versions of LLVM should retain the ability to parse bitcode
generated by old releases of the compiler. To that end, I've attached a
patch which contains a bitcode format compatibility test. It's set up as a
regression test. It achieves good coverage of the 3.7 LangRef (excepting a
bunch of intrinsics).

The test consists of two files:

    o test/Bitcode/compatibility-3.7.ll
    o test/Bitcode/compatibility-3.7.ll.bc

We should always be able to disassemble the bitcode file and exactly recover
the original IR.

I've tried to stress as much of the LangRef as possible. I'm still trying
to find a good way of testing format compatibility for intrinsics.

I'd have preferred to split this patch up into smaller ones, but since it
contains a binary file I thought it'd be best to get it done in one shot. I
don't have commit rights, so I'd appreciate someone taking a look at the
patch and getting it into trunk :).


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