[PATCH] D11365: [asan] Add a "dump_registers" flag to print out CPU registers after a SIGSEGV

Kostya Serebryany kcc at google.com
Tue Jul 21 18:23:58 PDT 2015

kcc added a comment.

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D11365#208870, @kubabrecka wrote:

> Addressing review comments.
> > I wonder if you can move this test one level up (not Darwin-specific) and restrict it for Darwin.
> Hm, it doesn't seem so.  `REQUIRES: Darwin` doesn't work.  I could add `XFAIL: Linux` and `XFAIL: FreeBSD`...

Unless Alexey can suggest how to require Darwin, add a bunch of XFAILs.

> Also, what do you think about having this on by default?

I don't mind at all, good idea.


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