[PATCH] D11277: [lib/Fuzzer] Add sanitizer runtime errors unit save option

Karl Skomski karl at skomski.com
Tue Jul 21 10:09:51 PDT 2015

skomski added a comment.

> My problem is that I want to have an easy way to reproduce undefined

behaviour errors for further debugging purposes or to put it into my
testcases. I want to achieve that saving the active unit during the time
ubsan reported the error.

It is about UBSAN (!) errors. Ubsan reports only and doesn't crash the

For example:
src/pcre2_compile.c:6453:42: runtime error: unsigned integer overflow:
4294967295 + 1 cannot be represented in type 'unsigned int'
SUMMARY: AddressSanitizer: undefined-behavior src/pcre2_compile.c:6453:42

I want to save the unit that was running during the error.

Kind regards,

Karl Skomski


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