[PATCH] D11330: [LIT] Add a .gitignore to llvm/utils/lit

Eric Fiselier eric at efcs.ca
Mon Jul 20 18:10:48 PDT 2015

EricWF added a comment.

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D11330#208648, @chandlerc wrote:

> So, I don't think we should support testing in-tree because I don't like dirtying the tree.

"testing in-tree" is probably the wrong way to describe it. Currently LIT doesn't generate a `check-lit` rule
or a `lit.site.cfg` file. The only way (that I know of) to test LIT is to run `lit.py llvm-src/utils/lit/tests`. Because this doesn't
set the `config.test_exec_root` option the ShTest temporary directory will be `llvm-src/utils/lit/tests/Output`.

One way to keep the tree clean would be to set `config.test_exec_root` to a created temporary directory. However
I don't think this directory can be cleaned up though (other than by the OS).

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D11330#208648, @chandlerc wrote:

> What is the issue with .pyc files? I don't see how you get to that being a problem.

This is a problem I have outside of my LLVM work (so it's not a real reason to make this change). I use LIT on other projects as a git submodule. The LIT submodule is just `llvm/utils/lit` so `llvm/.gitignore` is not present. When python ends up generating the `llvm/utils/lit/lit/*.pyc` files they are not ignored by version control.

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D11330#208658, @jroelofs wrote:

> If you don't want *.pyc files, why not set the `PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE` env var, or `sys.dont_write_bytecode = false`, or use `python -B`?

I don't mind the `*.pyc` files, I just want version control to ignore them when I'm using LIT as a submodule.



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