[PATCH] D11365: [asan] Add a "dump_registers" flag to print out CPU registers after a SIGSEGV

Kuba Brecka kuba.brecka at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 12:34:49 PDT 2015

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This patch adds a new ASan flag, `dump_registers` (off by default), which after a SIGSEGV prints out all CPU registers.  These are available in the signal handler context.  The use case is when you're not running under the debugger, and you end up with a SIGSEGV ASan report, which doesn't contain much information – knowing the register values can be helpful here.  Another interesting case is on x86_64, where if you fault on a non-canonical address (e.g. `0xdeaddeaddeaddead`), this address is not propagated into `siginfo->si_addr` and is only located in one of the registers.

I only implemented the Darwin part and left the other functions (Linux, Windows) empty in hopes that some good soul will fill these in :)



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