[PATCH] TableGen: Put NoRegAltName up front in RegAltNameIndices

David Siegel david.siegel at artcom.de
Wed Jun 24 10:38:58 PDT 2015


> On 16.06.2015, at 12:17, David Siegel <david.siegel at artcom.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> AsmWriterEmitter::EmitGetRegisterName(...) assumes that the special item NoRegAltName is the first item in RegAltNameIndices (see AsmWriterEmitter.cpp:613). If it happens to be second element the namespace is empty and the generated code does not compile. I fixed this by moving the NoRegAltName item up front in CodeGenTarget::ReadRegAltNameIndices().

To reproduce add this line to any RegisterInfo.td, adjust the namespace and recompile:

let Namespace = “X86" in { def ABC : RegAltNameIndex; }

This line succeeds:

let Namespace = “X86" in { def XYZ : RegAltNameIndex; }

I verified that the patch is still good. This is my first contribution. Let me know if something is missing.



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