[PATCH][LNT] Add support for more detailed profiling to lnt.

Kristof Beyls kristof.beyls at arm.com
Wed Jun 24 10:15:52 PDT 2015



The attached patch adds support for getting call-graph profiles from lnt
runserver. It does this by adding
a new -profiler-dir command line option, which results in a pstat profile to
be stored to a separate file
in that sub directory, per web request. I find the extra call graph info
useful when trying to understand what the bottlenecks are in the rendering
of pages by the
lnt webserver.


The pstat files can easily be converted into something graphical by a
command like:

$ gprof2dot -f pstats profile_dir/POST.submitRun.000591ms.1435075964.prof |
dot -Tsvg > submitRun.svg


I've attached such an svg graph for a request of the daily report page to
give an idea of
the kind of information this more detailed profiling can give.


Does the patch look OK to commit?





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