[PATCH] [ARM]: Extend -mfpu options for half-precision and vfpv3xd

Javed Absar javed.absar at arm.com
Tue Jun 23 09:55:56 PDT 2015

Hi Renato:

> "about vfpv3xd, what I mean is that we don't differentiate vfpv3 from vfpv3xd, so there's no point in having a new enum value for it. If it's just an alias, then you can add it to the table, but map it to FK_VFPV3_D16 and FK_VFPV3_D16_FP16"

vfpv3xd is different from FK_VFPV3_D16 since for vfpv3xd the FPURestriction value is FR_SP_D16, while for VFPV3_D16 the FPURestriction value is FR_D16.

> "You somehow overrode the previous patch. You should commit tests with the patch, not as separate"

Yes I assumed phabricator would manage the clang and llvm diffs properly when loaded separatly. I can create separate reviews for clang and lvvm (but probably too late this time) but instead i will just append the two diffs together into one diff and see it is handled properly.

> ". In addition to testing the string matching of VFPV3XD, we also need to add them to every place in LLVM that uses that enum as base for a switch or paramet"

Yes you are right. I need to add to ELFStreamer and AsmPrinter. I will do so in next patch and see if that's doable and satisfactory.
Thanks for your comments.




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