[PATCH] [asan] Update the llvm webpage describing ASan

Alexander Potapenko glider at google.com
Tue Jun 23 01:41:50 PDT 2015

Still LGTM
So what about the iOS port?

Comment at: docs/AddressSanitizer.rst:69
@@ +68,3 @@
+* Fixing bugs becomes unavoidable. AddressSaniftizer does not produce
+  false alarms. Once a memory corruption occurs, the program is in an inconstant
+  state, which could lead to confusing results and potentially misleading
zaks.anna wrote:
> glider wrote:
> > samsonov wrote:
> > > s/inconstant/inconsistent?
> > > 
> > "the program heap" instead of "the program", maybe?
> It does not have to be the heap; it can be anything. All you know is that something is trying to access an address that is not accessible.



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