[PATCH] [TableGen] Add alternative register matching support to AsmMatcher

Dylan McKay dylanmckay34 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 19:47:09 PDT 2015

The machinery is in place, but AsmMatcher support isn’t implemented (I
couldn’t see any mention of it in utils/TableGen/AsmMatcherEmitter.cpp. The
instruction printer tablegen backend supports it (through the use of the
PRINT_ALIAS_INSTR preprocessor define.

AArch64 uses the alternative name feature. Here is its AsmParser.cpp:

static unsigned matchVectorRegName(StringRef Name) {
    return StringSwitch<unsigned>(Name.lower())
        .Case("v0", AArch64::Q0)
        .Case("v1", AArch64::Q1)
        .Case("v2", AArch64::Q2)
        .Case("v3", AArch64::Q3)
        .Case("v4", AArch64::Q4)
        .Case("v5", AArch64::Q5)
        .Case("v6", AArch64::Q6)
        .Case("v7", AArch64::Q7)
        .Case("v8", AArch64::Q8)
        .Case("v9", AArch64::Q9)
        .Case("v10", AArch64::Q10)
        .Case("v11", AArch64::Q11)
        .Case("v12", AArch64::Q12)
        .Case("v13", AArch64::Q13)
        .Case("v14", AArch64::Q14)
        .Case("v15", AArch64::Q15)
        .Case("v16", AArch64::Q16)
        .Case("v17", AArch64::Q17)
        .Case("v18", AArch64::Q18)
        .Case("v19", AArch64::Q19)
        .Case("v20", AArch64::Q20)
        .Case("v21", AArch64::Q21)
        .Case("v22", AArch64::Q22)
        .Case("v23", AArch64::Q23)
        .Case("v24", AArch64::Q24)
        .Case("v25", AArch64::Q25)
        .Case("v26", AArch64::Q26)
        .Case("v27", AArch64::Q27)
        .Case("v28", AArch64::Q28)
        .Case("v29", AArch64::Q29)
        .Case("v30", AArch64::Q30)
        .Case("v31", AArch64::Q31)

Which is a little bit redundant as this is all specified in TableGen.

let SubRegIndices = [ssub], RegAltNameIndices = [vreg, vlist1] in {
def D0    : AArch64Reg<0,   "d0", [S0], ["v0", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B0>;
def D1    : AArch64Reg<1,   "d1", [S1], ["v1", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B1>;
def D2    : AArch64Reg<2,   "d2", [S2], ["v2", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B2>;
def D3    : AArch64Reg<3,   "d3", [S3], ["v3", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B3>;
def D4    : AArch64Reg<4,   "d4", [S4], ["v4", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B4>;
def D5    : AArch64Reg<5,   "d5", [S5], ["v5", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B5>;
def D6    : AArch64Reg<6,   "d6", [S6], ["v6", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B6>;
def D7    : AArch64Reg<7,   "d7", [S7], ["v7", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B7>;
def D8    : AArch64Reg<8,   "d8", [S8], ["v8", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B8>;
def D9    : AArch64Reg<9,   "d9", [S9], ["v9", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B9>;
def D10   : AArch64Reg<10, "d10", [S10], ["v10", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B10>;
def D11   : AArch64Reg<11, "d11", [S11], ["v11", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B11>;
def D12   : AArch64Reg<12, "d12", [S12], ["v12", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B12>;
def D13   : AArch64Reg<13, "d13", [S13], ["v13", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B13>;
def D14   : AArch64Reg<14, "d14", [S14], ["v14", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B14>;
def D15   : AArch64Reg<15, "d15", [S15], ["v15", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B15>;
def D16   : AArch64Reg<16, "d16", [S16], ["v16", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B16>;
def D17   : AArch64Reg<17, "d17", [S17], ["v17", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B17>;
def D18   : AArch64Reg<18, "d18", [S18], ["v18", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B18>;
def D19   : AArch64Reg<19, "d19", [S19], ["v19", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B19>;
def D20   : AArch64Reg<20, "d20", [S20], ["v20", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B20>;
def D21   : AArch64Reg<21, "d21", [S21], ["v21", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B21>;
def D22   : AArch64Reg<22, "d22", [S22], ["v22", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B22>;
def D23   : AArch64Reg<23, "d23", [S23], ["v23", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B23>;
def D24   : AArch64Reg<24, "d24", [S24], ["v24", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B24>;
def D25   : AArch64Reg<25, "d25", [S25], ["v25", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B25>;
def D26   : AArch64Reg<26, "d26", [S26], ["v26", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B26>;
def D27   : AArch64Reg<27, "d27", [S27], ["v27", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B27>;
def D28   : AArch64Reg<28, "d28", [S28], ["v28", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B28>;
def D29   : AArch64Reg<29, "d29", [S29], ["v29", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B29>;
def D30   : AArch64Reg<30, "d30", [S30], ["v30", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B30>;
def D31   : AArch64Reg<31, "d31", [S31], ["v31", ""]>, DwarfRegAlias<B31>;


On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 2:21 PM, Jakob Stoklund Olesen <stoklund at 2pi.dk>

> +Jim, Owen
> Don’t we already have a mechanism for register name aliases, or am I
> mistaken?
> Thanks,
> /jakob
> On Jun 16, 2015, at 8:08 AM, Dylan McKay <dylanmckay34 at gmail.com> wrote:
> This commit adds a new flag ShouldEmitMatchRegisterAltName to
> include/Target/Target.td, and generates an alternative register name
> matching function named MatchRegisterAlias to the generated AsmMatcher if
> it is enabled.
> Backends can use this to parse alternative register names based on values
> stored
> in TableGen files. The AVR-LLVM <https://github.com/avr-llvm/llvm>
> project is using this function to parse special pointer registers,
> identified by X, Y, and Z, which are alternative names to the GPR pairs
> r27:r26, r29:r28, and r31:r30.
> Files changed:
>    - include/Target/Target.td
>    - utils/TableGen/AsmMatcherEmitter.cpp
>> <0001-TableGen-Add-MatchRegisterAltName-to-AsmMatcher.patch>
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