[PATCH][LNT] Add sparklines to daily report page

Chris Matthews chris.matthews at apple.com
Tue Jun 16 12:22:10 PDT 2015

LGTM.  A few nits:

We are using PEP8 style in most files now. Grab the pep8 tool, it will do a good job picking out all the little things.  That file was already clean.

Can you make the table headings and benchmark name row the correct number of columns? The spark cell just hangs off the side (for me).

> On Jun 16, 2015, at 10:08 AM, Kristof Beyls <kristof.beyls at arm.com> wrote:
> In the daily report table, performance differences are highlighted as a single percentage
> difference.  Due to the noise in many benchmarks and boards, often the true
> performance characteristic cannot be summarized well into a single percentage
> number, and a human has to look at all the samples/data points collected by the
> benchmarking runs to make a further assessment of whether a performance change
> should be categorized as "noise" or "real".
> To make that assessment, you need to look at the chart of performance data
> points over time. By adding mini-charts with spark lines to the daily report
> page, that human analysis can be done without having to open many separate
> pages - speeding up that analysis massively.
> The attached patch implements adding such sparklines by adding SVG images
> to the daily report page. For email reports this means that, this part probably
> won't show up in most email clients. The only solution I can think of to also make
> it work for email clients is to create images on the server - leading to more overloading of
> the server & probably needing further dependencies on packages like matplotlib.
> I think these sparklines are very useful – so already adding them to the webui is
> worthwhile even if they don’t show up in the email report yet.
> Luckily, all the needed data for the sparklines was already loaded from the database by the
> daily report generator – so adding these spark lines shouldn’t add much server overhead.
> A screenshot of a part of a daily report page with sparklines is below.
> Please review!
> <image001.png>
> <0001-Add-spark-plots-to-the-daily-report-page.patch>

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