[PATCH] [Verifier] Rephrase visitIntrinsicFunctionCall in terms of CallSites

Philip Reames listmail at philipreames.com
Thu May 28 22:15:01 PDT 2015

The motivation is to remove a special case for invokable statepoints and share the code for intrinsic verification for CallInst and InvokeInst.

The code change is intentionally very mechanical.  I left off variable renaming - which will happen in a follow on change - to reduce the textual diff to simplify review.  The only part that really needs review is a) whether adding all the methods to CallSite is reasonable to make it closer to a drop in replacement for CallInst, and b) whether extending Write to support CallSites directly is reasonable.  (I used the CallSite * to reduce the textual diff for converting a function from CallInst to CallSite.  I'm open to changing this, but think the current version is worthwhile, even if ugly.)



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