[PATCH] Refactor bitcode reader to simplify control.

Karl Schimpf kschimpf at google.com
Wed May 27 15:48:31 PDT 2015

Now that the issues with the streaming memory object has been fixed, I have updated this CL for review.

Note that I added a CL flag "-old-lazy-bitcode-parser". This was done to deal with a bug fixed by this CL. That is, in the  old code, when you materialized a module, it didn't check if there was any additional data in the bitcode file. The new code fixes this by calling "finishParse". However, there are a couple of (bitcode binary) tests that were generated with this violation. Hence, the flag was added to fix this problem.

I'm willing to remove this flag in either (1) a later review, or (2) in a later revision. However, for this review I made the issues explicit so that the problem can be seen.



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