[PATCH] Remove CloneFunction VMap

Pete Cooper peter_cooper at apple.com
Fri Apr 24 11:29:51 PDT 2015

> On Apr 24, 2015, at 11:02 AM, Rafael Espíndola <rafael.espindola at gmail.com> wrote:
> While at it, can you remove the duplicated name from the comments?
Will do yeah.
> To make this less error prone, how about removing the argument and
> returning a std::pair<VMap, Function*>?
Sounds good.  Going to write a test to double check that VMap gets move semantics here as I don’t want a deep copy to happen.

Will send out an updated patch once I know the answer to the VMap move.

> On 24 April 2015 at 13:13, Pete Cooper <peter_cooper at apple.com> wrote:
>> Hi Rafael
>> The method llvm::CloneFunction takes a VMap in which "any references specified in the VMap are changed to refer to their mapped value instead of the original one".
>> However, all callers of this function (AMDGPUAlwaysInlinePass, clang’s CGVTables, and PartialInlining) never make use of this functionality.  That is, they always pass an empty map.
>> Attached is a patch which removes the ability for this method to rewrite arguments, and asserts that no-one tries to.  The function comment has been updated to state this.
>> This also exposed some code cleanup due to the function types of the old and new functions being the same.
>> Cheers,
>> Pete

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