[PATCH] Reassociate GEP operands for loop invariant code motion

Jingyue Wu jingyue at google.com
Mon Apr 20 22:13:34 PDT 2015

I ran `opt -scalar-evolution -analyze` on `simple_licm` and got

  Printing analysis 'Scalar Evolution Analysis' for function 'simple_licm':
  Classifying expressions for: @simple_licm
    %i = phi i32 [ 0, %entry ], [ %i.next, %loop ]
    -->  {0,+,1}<nuw><nsw><%loop> U: [0,1000000) S: [0,1000000)           Exits: 999999
    %idx = add nsw i32 %a, %i
    -->  {%a,+,1}<nw><%loop> U: full-set S: full-set              Exits: (999999 + %a)
    %idx.sext = sext i32 %idx to i64
    -->  (sext i32 {%a,+,1}<nw><%loop> to i64) U: [-2147483648,2147483648) S: [-2147483648,2147483648)            Exits: (sext i32 (999999 + 
  %a) to i64)
    %arrayidx = getelementptr i32, i32* %input, i64 %idx.sext
    -->  ((4 * (sext i32 {%a,+,1}<nw><%loop> to i64)) + %input) U: full-set S: full-set           Exits: ((4 * (sext i32 (999999 + %a) to i64
  )) + %input)
    %0 = load i32, i32* %arrayidx
    -->  %0 U: full-set S: full-set               Exits: <<Unknown>>
    %i.next = add nuw nsw i32 %i, 1
    -->  {1,+,1}<nuw><nsw><%loop> U: [1,1000001) S: [1,1000001)           Exits: 1000000
  Determining loop execution counts for: @simple_licm
  Loop %loop: backedge-taken count is 999999
  Loop %loop: max backedge-taken count is 999999

As far as I can see,

  %idx = add nsw i32 %a, %i
  -->  {%a,+,1}<nw><%loop> U: full-set S: full-set              Exits: (999999 + %a)

`%idx` has only `<nw>` (self-wrap) flag but not `<nsw>`.

I noticed you recently worked on strengthening `ScalarEvolution`'s handling of nsw, which is pretty awesome! Does it address this issue?




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