[PATCH] [MC] When using bundle aligment, align sections to bundle size

Derek Schuff dschuff at google.com
Mon Apr 20 16:02:13 PDT 2015

see comment in the test plan section about testing. Should I just change llvm-objdump to print the alignment of each section so I can add a test?

wrt calling it from both places:
This needs to happen for every section that has instructions, so it has to be on switching away from each section, and on finish (unless the last section is guaranteed to be switched away from before FinishImpl runs?)
Alternatively, I could just iterate over all the sections in some finish function, but I didn't see a way to get them from here. Maybe in MCAssembler::Finish?

Comment at: lib/MC/MCELFStreamer.cpp:134
@@ -133,1 +133,3 @@
+static void SetSectionAlignmentForBundling(
+    const MCAssembler &Assembler, MCSectionData *Section) {
rafael wrote:
> Start function names with a lowercase letter.



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