[PATCH] [LIT] Change the semantics of the LIT options '-s' and '-v' and modify when information is output.

Eric Fiselier eric at efcs.ca
Thu Mar 19 13:32:08 PDT 2015

Hi danalbert, jroelofs, ddunbar,

Currently I have benchmark tests that I run with LIT that have meaningful output even when the test passes. The aim of this patch is to modify the existing LIT output options in such a way  that they can be used to always print the output of a test with minimal changes to how output is currently handled.

The main change in this patch is that `-v` can be specified multiple times to increase the amount of information that is output. Using `lit -vv` will cause LIT to report a passing tests output (if any is present).

This patch has a secondary drive-by change that changes when metrics are output. Currently metrics are reported when:
1. The test failed.
2. The test passed and neither '-s' nor '-q' are specified.

With this patch metrics are reported ONLY when '-s' is not specified and one of the following is true:
1. The test failed.
2. The test passed and '-vv' is specified.

I'm happy to remove this part of the change but I think it is beneficial to the general readability of the output. I don't think we should consider metrics to be part of the "succinct" output.



Index: utils/lit/lit/main.py
--- utils/lit/lit/main.py
+++ utils/lit/lit/main.py
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@
-        shouldShow = test.result.code.isFailure or \
+        shouldShow = test.result.code.isFailure or self.opts.showOutput > 1 or \
             (not self.opts.quiet and not self.opts.succinct)
         if not shouldShow:
@@ -55,21 +55,28 @@
         print('%s: %s (%d of %d)' % (test.result.code.name, test_name,
                                      self.completed, self.numTests))
-        # Show the test failure output, if requested.
-        if test.result.code.isFailure and self.opts.showOutput:
-            print("%s TEST '%s' FAILED %s" % ('*'*20, test.getFullName(),
-                                              '*'*20))
-            print(test.result.output)
-            print("*" * 20)
-        # Report test metrics, if present.
-        if test.result.metrics:
-            print("%s TEST '%s' RESULTS %s" % ('*'*10, test.getFullName(),
-                                               '*'*10))
-            items = sorted(test.result.metrics.items())
-            for metric_name, value in items:
-                print('%s: %s ' % (metric_name, value.format()))
-            print("*" * 10)
+        showMetrics = test.result.metrics and not self.opts.succinct
+        showPassingTest = (self.opts.showOutput > 1
+            and (test.result.output or showMetrics))
+        # Show the test output, if requested.
+        if ((test.result.code.isFailure and self.opts.showOutput)
+            or showPassingTest):
+            result_str = 'FAILED' if test.result.code.isFailure else 'RESULT'
+            banner = '*'*20 if test.result.code.isFailure else '*'*10
+            print("%s TEST '%s' %s %s" % (banner, test.getFullName(),
+                                          result_str, banner))
+            if test.result.output:
+                print(test.result.output)
+            # Report test metrics, if present.
+            if showMetrics:
+                if test.result.output:
+                    print(banner)
+                items = sorted(test.result.metrics.items())
+                for metric_name, value in items:
+                    print('%s: %s ' % (metric_name, value.format()))
+            print(banner)
         # Ensure the output is flushed.
@@ -162,7 +169,7 @@
                      action="store_true", default=False)
     group.add_option("-v", "--verbose", dest="showOutput",
                      help="Show all test output",
-                     action="store_true", default=False)
+                     action="count", default=0)
     group.add_option("-o", "--output", dest="output_path",
                      help="Write test results to the provided path",
                      action="store", type=str, metavar="PATH")

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