Trivial doc change: fix link in tutorial

Stanislav Manilov stanislav.manilov at
Tue Mar 17 13:12:27 PDT 2015

A link to the IRBuilder in Chapter 3 of the LLVM Kaleidoscope tutorial was
broken and is fixed by this patch.
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Index: docs/tutorial/LangImpl3.rst
--- docs/tutorial/LangImpl3.rst	(revision 232532)
+++ docs/tutorial/LangImpl3.rst	(working copy)
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@
 The ``Builder`` object is a helper object that makes it easy to generate
 LLVM instructions. Instances of the
-```IRBuilder`` <>`_
+`IRBuilder <>`_
 class template keep track of the current place to insert instructions
 and has methods to create new instructions.

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