[PATCH] LinkerScript: Add -T <scriptfile> option

Rafael Auler rafaelauler at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 12:12:57 PST 2015

This is the tablegen language, not Python :)


I'm curious about why is "-T" being handled here as an alias for "-l". "-T" is exclusive for linker scripts and cannot accept any other input files.

Actually, currently, lld does handle -T, but in a weird way.  "-T" is not recognized, thus it generates a warning, but then the parameter to "-T" is handled as a regular input and eventually gets parsed as a regular linker script.

Currently there is no difference between a script that overrides the "default linker script" and one that does not, but we need this for the future (well, mostly producing an error if the linker script contains special commands that are reserved for either the default linker script or the script that replaces it).



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