[LNT] r231484 - Adds check for needed tools for nightly tests

Tobias Grosser tobias at grosser.es
Fri Mar 6 22:51:46 PST 2015

On 06.03.2015 18:40, Tobias Grosser wrote:
> On 06.03.2015 17:06, Renato Golin wrote:
>> Author: rengolin
>> Date: Fri Mar  6 10:06:37 2015
>> New Revision: 231484
>> URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=231484&view=rev
>> Log:
>> Adds check for needed tools for nightly tests
>> This patch adds test for the required tools to run the nightly tests
>> without failures. New buildbots or manual runs would fail and waste
>> a lot of time investigating what the problem is, since the error
>> message wasn't clear enough on all cases.
> This breaks my LNT builds:
> lab.llvm.org:8011/builders/perf-x86_64-penryn-O3-polly-fast
> I get the error 'error: gawk not available on your system.', but even
> without gawk everything was working flawlessly.

I reverted the problematic part of the patch (the gawk check) in r231555 
to get my LNT bots green until the intend is clarified.


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