[PATCH] [LAA-memchecks 2/3] Move number of memcheck threshold checking to LV

Adam Nemet anemet at apple.com
Fri Mar 6 13:21:54 PST 2015

Hi hfinkel, aschwaighofer, nadav,

Now the analysis won't "fail" if the memchecks exceed the threshold.  It
is the transform pass' responsibility to perform the check.

This allows the transform pass to further analyze/eliminate the
memchecks.  E.g. in Loop distribution we only need to check pointers
that end up in different partitions.

Note that there is a slight change of functionality here.  The logic in
analyzeLoop is that if dependence checking fails due to non-constant
distance between the pointers, another attempt is made to prove safety
of the dependences purely using run-time checks.

Before this patch we could fail the loop due to exceeding the memcheck
threshold after the first step, now we only check the threshold in the
client after the full analysis.  There is no measurable compile-time
effect but I wanted to record this here.



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