[PATCH] [compiler-rt] Symbolizer refactoring: Merge common parts of POSIXSymbolizer and WinSymbolizer

Kuba Brecka kuba.brecka at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 08:16:04 PST 2015

> is it possible for a PC to not belong to any module, but still be symbolizable by SymbolizerTools

Good question. We certainly don't try to do that in the current POSIXSymbolizer (for any of the POSIX tools). Do you know if DbgHelp can do this?

> I encourage you to write a comment explaining that mu_ not only synchronizes calls to Symbolizer, but should actually be used to synchronize all the calls to the underlying symbolizers (e.g. dbghelp on Windows).

I forgot to say that I still plan to get rid of POSIXSymbolizer and WinSymbolizer subclasses completely, moving the platform-specific parts elsewhere.  But in the meantime, I agree the comment should be there.



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