[PATCH] Add a pass to transform aggregate loads and stores into scalar loads and stores.

Philip Reames listmail at philipreames.com
Wed Mar 4 22:58:33 PST 2015

On 03/04/2015 10:51 PM, Chandler Carruth wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 10:35 PM, Philip Reames 
> <listmail at philipreames.com <mailto:listmail at philipreames.com>> wrote:
>     On 03/03/2015 08:04 PM, Chandler Carruth wrote:
>>     On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 9:24 AM, Philip Reames
>>     <listmail at philipreames.com <mailto:listmail at philipreames.com>> wrote:
>>         In http://reviews.llvm.org/D7780#133316, @chandlerc wrote:
>>         > My primary question is why this isn't just an instcombine,
>>         using insertvalue / extractvalue to reconnect the aggregates?
>>         @chandlerc - Because we talked about that last time and it
>>         was rejected for some reason I don't really remember.  I
>>         would strongly prefer we land this in something close to it's
>>         current form and then iterate in tree.  This has topic has
>>         been stalled on census for months.  Honestly, I sorta of
>>         agree with you, but let's revisit that separately.
>>     Absolutely not. I do *not* think we should add a pass if there
>>     are multiple people who don't think it belongs as a pass.
>>     If we keep losing the context of why this needs to be a pass,
>>     then we need to fix that problem rather than just "iterate in
>>     tree" to hide the problem. It won't get fixed otherwise, we'll
>>     just end up with bad code in the tree.
>     Ok.  I think you're misinterpreting my comments, but let's debate
>     that over a beer tomorrow, not here.  It's too easy to talk past
>     each other in email.  I feel like you're letting perfection be the
>     enemy of the good here, but again, over a beer tomorrow.
>     My "ideal design" for the current patch *only* would be to move
>     the handling to instcombine.  Specifically, we should unwrap a
>     load or a store of an FCA when that FCA contains exactly one type
>     and the size of that type covers the entire size of the FCA.  (To
>     be utterly clear, this code would involve no recursion!)
>     After that has landed, I would likely to see instcombine extended
>     to handle FCAs with multiple fields.  I'm a bit unsure about this
>     given that it appears to loose dereferenceability information, but
>     given previously expressed desire to not change GVN to support
>     FCAs, this seems like a workable approach.
> I mean, happy to debate, but I'm not even sure we're on a different 
> page here. The stages you describe seem completely good to me. 
> Notably, making the changes incremental and small without backtracking 
> in terms of design or adding and then removing unneeded 
> infrastructure. But anyways...
I don't think we are in disagreement here. I didn't mean to imply we 
were beyond the initial "iterate in tree" vs "get it right the first 
time" part.
>     (As a reminder, I am not personally using FCAs in any form.  My
>     only motivation for getting involved here is that we have had
>     *multiple* bug reports on this topic with patches from interested
>     parties and we have made *no* progress on resolving the underling
>     issue.  I see that as a problem.)
>>     Ok, so what I recall about this is that the problem was that
>>     these were not single-instruction replacements because there was
>>     the desire to not introduce insertvalue / extractvalue? Am I on
>>     the right path or not?
>     Here's the quote from you in an earlier email thread titled "Add
>     basic support for removal of load that are fed by a store of an
>     aggregate":
> Ah, of course. I had forgotten that this all started with GVN, which 
> is why I never even considered this email thread when searching...
>     "The store that remains has nothing to do with an alloca. It is
>     just a store off to wild memory as an FCA. SROA shouldn't be
>     touching it, and I don't think we want to try to teach the entire
>     optimizer about FCAs.
>     You're teaching GVN about FCAs in this patch, but we also reason
>     about store-to-load forwarding in *many* other places. I don't
>     think it is really feasible to teach every part of LLVM this.
>     The alternative is to define the canonical form as extracting the
>     values from the FCA and storing them individually. SROA does this
>     for loads and stores into allocas as a matter of correctness, but
>     we could also teach instcombine to do this for all FCA loads and
>     stores as a matter of canonical form and optimization. I think
>     that is probably the right direction long term, but I'm a little
>     scared of the down-stream rammifications.
>     The patch is trivial, and the code is already in SROA. Let me
>     factor it out and I can post a patch to see if it also solves your
>     problems. But I want to spend some time looking at what knock-on
>     effects this has and whether they are reasonable."
>     -- end quote
>     If I'm reading you right here, you were essentially asking for an
>     instcombine which replaced the FCA store with two i8 stores of the
>     individual components.
> Yes, that was my thought.
>       In yet another thread, which I can't seem to find now, you said
>     something about not wanting this (or maybe it was the related
>     memcpy thing? Not sure) in instcombine.
> I keep looking for this too as some of the context seems to have 
> slipped my mind.... But I'm slowly teasing it back together.
>       I believe that's what led directly to the current patch.  If
>     you're okay with getting this in InstCombine, let's do so.
> Indeed. So there are issues with splitting up an FCA store into 
> multiple smaller stores. They are the same issues as with all other 
> store splitting -- it loses the fact that a store was valid in the 
> memory model (IE, doesn't race). But this seems a very minor concern 
> (to me) for FCAs. We should make sure it doesn't lose other 
> information that is significant (your comment about dereferencability 
> is what I'm thinking about) but otherwise I don't see any specific 
> problems here.
Ok, I think we're in agreement here.  Let's move the "interesting" bits 
of the proposed patch over to being a patch for instcombine.  I agree 
that the load legality and dereferenceability issues are secondary.  We 
probably want to document that with a comment, but that's not even the 
first patch, so let's defer it.

deadalnix - Do you want to do this step?  I could understand your being 
a bit frustrated at this point.  If not, I'm happy to handle getting 
this ported over and reviewed.  Just let me know.  I really want to see 
this land.


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