[llvm] r231146 - Fix the build broken in r231142

David Blaikie dblaikie at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 13:56:11 PST 2015

Author: dblaikie
Date: Tue Mar  3 15:56:11 2015
New Revision: 231146

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=231146&view=rev
Fix the build broken in r231142

I removed the copy ctor, thinking that'd be the end of it - these
iterators should be perfectly assignable even from disjoint ranges (as
any iterator would be) - exkcept that the member was const.

Unconstify it.


Modified: llvm/trunk/include/llvm/IR/CFG.h
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/llvm/trunk/include/llvm/IR/CFG.h?rev=231146&r1=231145&r2=231146&view=diff
--- llvm/trunk/include/llvm/IR/CFG.h (original)
+++ llvm/trunk/include/llvm/IR/CFG.h Tue Mar  3 15:56:11 2015
@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ public:
   typedef typename super::reference reference;
-  const Term_ Term;
+  Term_ Term;
   unsigned idx;
   typedef SuccIterator<Term_, BB_> Self;

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