[PATCH] [CaptureTracking] Avoid long compilation time on large basic blocks

hfinkel at anl.gov hfinkel at anl.gov
Fri Feb 20 12:58:51 PST 2015

> The bottleneck here is 'shouldExplore', which is called by llvm::PointerMayBeCaptured. This function is used by FunctionAttrs, DeadStoreElimination, BasicAliasAnalysis and llvm::PointerMayBeCapturedBefore; this last one is also called by AliasAnalysis and InlineFunction.

I don't disagree that it might be difficult to re-use the cache inbetween calls to PointerMayBeCaptured (especially as the IR is being mutated -- we'd need to think about how this was laid out and what needed to actively invalidate it), but I thought the expensive part was really the repeated BB scans *within* PointerMayBeCaptured. That could be solved by having a local cache, right?



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