[PATCH] Make Bitrig/ARM use Itanium-ABI

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Fri Feb 20 04:45:38 PST 2015

On 19 February 2015 at 21:57, Patrick Wildt <mail at patrick-wildt.de> wrote:
> When you say components, do you mean only LLVM/clang, or also
> libc++(abi) and compiler-rt?

All of them. They're all in different repositories.

> But I guess the „one patch per component“ should be focused on
> a specific topic? Like… Only ARM ABI, but not x86 for instance?

Yes. One change at a time, one repository at a time, following the
dependency trail, ex. change LLVM before Clang.

> That is correct. This link was only to show our diff. I have the git
> repositories cloned to my local machines. The diffs I sent out were
> based on those.

Ok. That page was actually very helpful. :)

> We can probably change our code to use -pg at Bitrig, which would
> make this diff obsolete.

That would be better, yes, and work with GCC, too.

> Well, not entirely. The first part of that change is for the ARM architecture,
> not AArch64. The second part of the change in that file is for AArch64.

That's what I meant. First ARM, then AArch64.

> I totally believe you there. We currently target only a specific set of
> machines. ARMv7, VFPv3. That is a must. Even though it might sound
> weird, we’re basically doing „one kernel to rule them all“. So far I can run
> the same kernel on all my boards (apart from the u-boot umg header for
> the physical load address).

This doesn't sound weird at all, it's actually quite sensible. But I
would still not hard-code support for anything on the source files, as
AArch64 comes with a whole set of new flags and defaults.

If the compiler doesn't do what you need, than maybe we need to fix
the compiler... :)


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